The White Dog Bark

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?
SEO White Dog

I once thought SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was only scientific. “A formula determines page rank, so SEO is all about the math”, I reasoned. a + b = c. Right? Um, not so much. The more SEO work I did throughout my career, the more I realized I needed a paradigm shift to keep up with the latest trends. Yes,...

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custom Unbounce Landing pages

Need a Landing Page Quickly? No Problem! At Promethean, I introduced using landing pages and confirmation pages in order to further refine the user journey and increase conversion with a more focused pathway for submitting a lead. I evaluated all the tools available and chose Unbounce Landing Pages. Then I created a resource site to allow for internal clients to have...

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SEO Best Practices for 2016 – Social Media Reigns Supreme! The SEO industry is a rollercoaster, and every month something huge seems to shake up the industry and force us to recalculate our priorities. Best practices in 2010 are completely irrelevant today, yet we believe that many of today’s best practices will be relevant indefinitely. SEO is as much of an ongoing art than...

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Google and White Dog

James Newbill’s Brandyourself.com Experiment I am trying to get better about my blogging. I have a headful of opinions yet I rarely put them down to share. So here I sit about to empty a bit of opinion out of the ole head. So my latest project is putting me on a crusade to pump up my personal branding after...

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