The White Dog Bark

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?
SEO White Dog

I once thought SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was only scientific. “A formula determines page rank, so SEO is all about the math”, I reasoned. a + b = c. Right? Um, not so much. The more SEO work I did throughout my career, the more I realized I needed a paradigm shift to keep up with the latest trends. Yes,...

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James Newbill Email Recruiting

James Newbill is Looking for a New Home. Curious if I walk my own talk? We the answer is a resounding yes. Starting an new job search, I used Email Marketing and Video to marketing my experience. I wanted to reach my professional contacts on my Linkedin Network. My network is pretty important to me so reaching out to them would...

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James Newbill’s Explainer Video. Hire Him today– So in another shameless attempt to promote my personal brand and a chance to test out a new tool for presentations, I was eager to try Powtoons. Here is how they describe themselves. “Created using PowToon — Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ — Create animated videos and animated presentations for free.  PowToon is...

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IgnitionOne Ignites James Newbill’s Interest Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the IgnitionOne team during a employment pitch. I have managed or worked with over 15 digital agencies over the years, and most of them try and promote a vision that drives their brand identity.  IgnitionOne was one of the rare companies that didn’t just promote their vision, they...

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Drowning in Twitter

A blog post about a cynical Twitter user who has bee reborn.

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Google and White Dog

James Newbill’s Brandyourself.com Experiment I am trying to get better about my blogging. I have a headful of opinions yet I rarely put them down to share. So here I sit about to empty a bit of opinion out of the ole head. So my latest project is putting me on a crusade to pump up my personal branding after...

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A New Hurdle for Digital Marketing I have notice a rising trend in my discussions about digital marketing strategy among my peers.  The trend is that we all feel that we are in the middle of a tectonic shift in how we define digital strategy. In the past, strategy has be driven by a balanced approach to its execution. When new...

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White Dog's says Digital Marketing's Cool

Is tradition brand marketing on the way out with the advent of customer participation vehicles that allow the customer to participate in the brand association directly? Is push media in terms of branding on the decline? Is marketing becoming a sales job again?

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