White Dog Digital Gives Back

Recently, I had the opportunity to update a dated website of a local non profit that I had great respect for. They needed a website that not only described their organization, as well as a way to showcase their horses that needed adoption or fostering. Plus, they are completely funded by donations an needed a better way to elicit the funds needed to keep their organization going.

As a fellow animal lover, I had no choice to build them a site that met those needs and donate the costs of development. So we used our website design and website development skill to build them a website of their dreams.

Here is a bit about the organization,

“The mission of SaveTheHorses.org is to improve the quality of life for all horses and thereby improve the lives of people through their human bond with horses. We are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of horse and equine suffering from abuse, and to the successful retirement of working horses and equine. We also aim to improve the public awareness and knowledge of the standards of care necessary to keep equines healthy and safe.

Our primary goal is to save horses. Our organization is made up of volunteers with a mission to stop horses from being abused or sent to slaughter. With that in mind, we have made a commitment that any horses sent to SaveTheHorses.org will not be sold or sent to slaughter. In our ongoing attempt to establish equine rescue services, it became apparent that the level of equine knowledge and care among equine owners often does not measure up to the standard of care necessary to keep a horse healthy and safe.SaveTheHorses.org offers ongoing educational classes and clinics for horse owners and enthusiasts, as well as for our volunteers.”

You can find the site on our development server The White Dogs House. Check it out to see just how dynamic we can make a website for the clients that we care about. And that is all of them.

– James Newbill