The White Dog Bark

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?
Google and White Dog

James Newbill’s Brandyourself.com Experiment I am trying to get better about my blogging. I have a headful of opinions yet I rarely put them down to share. So here I sit about to empty a bit of opinion out of the ole head. So my latest project is putting me on a crusade to pump up my personal branding after...

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A New Hurdle for Digital Marketing I have notice a rising trend in my discussions about digital marketing strategy among my peers.  The trend is that we all feel that we are in the middle of a tectonic shift in how we define digital strategy. In the past, strategy has be driven by a balanced approach to its execution. When new...

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White Dog's says Digital Marketing's Cool

Is tradition brand marketing on the way out with the advent of customer participation vehicles that allow the customer to participate in the brand association directly? Is push media in terms of branding on the decline? Is marketing becoming a sales job again?

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