James Newbill is Looking for a New Home.

Curious if I walk my own talk? We the answer is a resounding yes.

Starting an new job search, I used Email Marketing and Video to marketing my experience. I wanted to reach my professional contacts on my Linkedin Network. My network is pretty important to me so reaching out to them would need to be respectful and if not beneficial – I better be fun at least. So set out to create a campaign that did that while also showcasing my email marketing abilities. So I built a responsive email using MailChimp. Segmented my contacts (by the way Linkedin only allows you to export raw lists without tags or categorization. So you have to manually organized and segment the data!) I created a Recruiter, a Marketer, and a VIP (CEO, CMO, Owners, Fo-founders, etc).  I then customized my Powtown Explainer video to speak directly to each segment and took full advantage of the personalization features of MailChimp to increase response and reduce any spam complaints. I have another follow up email for the following week.

UPDATE – Well I sent two email campaigns and they garnered open rates way above industry average. 29% to the industry 13.5% average of open rates. Subsequently, I am planning a follow up email to those that both opened and those that didn’t. Since I ended up in the promotions tab I had low expectations, but even so I was pretty impressed with the numbers.

Stay tuned for – James Newbill –  Digital Marketing -The Follow On Email. I will probably try to focus on the James Newbill keyword more and link to http://www.jamesnewbill.com as well.

James Newbill