Use Performance Marketing to Protect ROI

Promethean’s ClassFlow had a unique problem….errr ok it was a problem 80 percent of companies have…small budget and a desperate need to get people to try for free their flagship product for teachers and students. The solution? Add Performance Marketing into the Digital Marketing mix.

The proposed launch of the performance marketing program looked primarily at the turn-key Affiliate networks, Commission Junction and LinkShare. Launching with these networks will allow us to baseline our pay for performance model with excellent tracking tools and established relationships in the educator vertical. The idea is that we will be able identify web site publishers and subsequent payout models for future targeting as well as establishing working models for the easy adoption for our tier one and two partners as well as “direct to publisher” segment.

I built a website that described the program, included technical documentation, a video explainer video to describe the program and a place to sign up and log in to the backend management tool that auto processed payment and tracked performance using

Using a small bounty, we could get over 100,000 website that teacher ran or frequented, to market ClassFlow to their audience.

Check out the website at to get a clear idea of the program in action.