IgnitionOne Ignites James Newbill’s Interest

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the IgnitionOne team during a employment pitch. I have managed or worked with over 15 digital agencies over the years, and most of them try and promote a vision that drives their brand identity.  IgnitionOne was one of the rare companies that didn’t just promote their vision, they LIVED IT! I felt compelled to share it with my fellow marketers.

As some of you know, I am a very passionate marketer that for years has strived to break through the silos that digital marketing inherently creates. White Dog Consulting. I have attempted to bridge the communication gaps to in an attempt to cohesively focus my clients’ marketing strategy. I have written time and time again how companies tend to develop its digital strategy using resources that are specialized. What usually happens is that these specialties tend to focus too narrowly and rarely does it cross over to other “specialties”. Whether its SEM not working with SEO or Radio not looking at Search, or other silo’ed media, marketing departments loose tremendous efficiencies by not working in consort.

I have spent 13 years attempting to create symphonies for companies that have chairs full of talented instrumentalists. The only tool that I had at my disposal was the music or in my case the Data.  I would analyze data, cross reference it, append, used tools like regression, all in an attempt to integrate digital marketing strategy while educating the players on the impact that each player contributes. Aligning people, media, and business goals with overall company business goals.

Integrated Digital Marketing

IgnititionOne’s :”The Integrated Digital Marketing Playbook”

Using this approach, I found that the biggest challenge has never been getting people on board with the strategy. The real challenge surfaced in how it was communicated. For with each specialty, came unique operational languages that seemed to be isolated and dedicated for its own end goals. Not surprisingly, Call centers/PPC/SEO/Radio-TV/ etc. used unique systems and tools combined with nomenclature that were developed for managing efficiencies within their own channel and seldom translated cross functionally.  Close rate/Sales rate, dispositions/shopping cart abandon, universe/search volume, etc.

My broad marketing knowledge has ironically given me my own narrowly focused specialty as a result – Integration through Translation.  Through the years, I have developed the skills to act as a liaison between linear personalities like IT and creative minded left brainers in Marketing…or helped pair free wheeling search SEO scientists who are proactive experimenters with laser focused SEM jockeys who eat response data on a minute by minute basis.

For years, I preached and evangelized this philosophy,  but never have I  seen someone put down on paper this philosophy in an eloquent way. Until now that is. Will Mariloff, the founder and CEO of IgnitionOne, did the heavy lifting for me.His white paper, The Integrated Digital Marketing Playbook, is far to good to not share with the masses. It is a fantastic attempt at breaking down the evolution of digital marketing by exposing the elephant in the room while using actionable data analytics to shed light on the power of how to integrate marketing channels into one fluid strategy.


Will attempted to answer the tough questions like:

  • What are the central challenges to achieving integrated digital marketing?
  • How do I set up my organization to facilitate and take advantage of         integration?
  • How do I centralize tools, data and measurement to achieve integrated marketing?
  • What is the payoff for integrating my marketing?

So again, thank you Will for a masterful synopsis on how organizations can harness true integration of their marketing strategy using actionable analytics and a little people skills! Great job!

James Newbill