Need a Landing Page Quickly? No Problem!

At Promethean, I introduced using landing pages and confirmation pages in order to further refine the user journey and increase conversion with a more focused pathway for submitting a lead. I evaluated all the tools available and chose Unbounce Landing Pages. Then I created a resource site to allow for internal clients to have a starting point to visualize how they wanted to use a landing page in their event or email marketing campaigns. (password is promethean1150).   After running into all the nuances and falling down my fair share of rabbit holes on of what appeared to be an easy to use landing page building tool, I came to the conclusion that others could take advantage of my experience and be able to go to market with their landing pages much faster as a result. So I built a site to showcase the offering and added the service to White Dog in order to help companies that need to increase conversion without having to dedicate resources to build, launch, and maintain its own landing page program. We/I offer 3 plans:

Unbounce Custom Landing Pages DesignSo if your in need of a fast turn around, the experience that 18 years of digital test and learn in tow, to design, build, and deploy a landing page for your latest campaign. Click here to see what plan fits for you.

James Newbill